bali essence 3 piece gift pack

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The essence of Bali in 3 luscious handmade soaps.

Not sure what to get that hard-to-buy-for person who has everything? Well we are sure, whomever it may be, they would appreciate this luxurious assortment of three very special handmade soaps. Sensatia’s natural soaps are bound to re-vibe, rejuvenate and refresh… naturally of course.

More than just a 3-pack of soap; this small handmade cotton bag harnesses the essence of Bali. Sensatia’s Bali Essence contains one bar (115gr/ 4oz.) each of bali cinnamon & clove bud, volcanic sand exfoliator, and cananga flower & coconut. Go to soaps> original series – on the main tab menu to learn more about each soap.

Then, as an added bonus; when the last biodegradable soap sud goes down the drain you still have this small, sturdy, handmade cotton bag to remind you of all the pleasurable sudsing experiences you had with Sensatia soaps. Use it to bring your make-up kit to the gym, your surf wax to the beach, your lunch to school or your ipod (cables, charger & thumpin’ bass headphones) to Bali. Sweet!
See individual product pages for complete ingredients.

No animal testing of any kind has been carried out on any ingredient or the finished product.

No paraben of any kind is used to make this product. Parabens are petrochemicals that can mimic estrogen action and interfere with the reproductive system.

No phthalate of any kind is used to make this product. Phthalates are often used as lubricants and fragrance components in cosmetics.

No palm oil is used to make this product. Palm oil plantations are linked to major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuse.

No sulfate or sulfate-derived ingredient is used to make this product. Sulfate derivatives such as SLS are a potential irritant and have associations with cancer and other health problems.

No silicone or silicone-derived ingredient is used to make this product.

All ingredients in this product are safe for the reef, algae & other marine life living along the reef.

DIRECTIONS: Wet entire naked body, wash thoroughly, rinse with fresh, cool water. Best enjoyed beneath a soothing, tropical waterfall.
CARA PAKAI: Usap dan gosok merata pada seluruh bagian tubuh, bilas.

Recommended for All Skin Types

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